Documentary / 89 mins

“This is not a love letter to this country. But to us inside this country. We see us. We love us. We make eye contact and nod to us.”

Jacqueline Woodson, narrator

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August 2nd at 7pm

Meanwhile, a groundbreaking, immersive, nonlinear cinematic journey where artists' expressions blend with historical and real-life footage, unveils the profound impact of white supremacy on our human connections. Led by a dynamic team including Jacqueline Woodson, Catherine Gund, Erika Dilday, Meshell Ndegeocello, and M. Trevino, this collaborative masterpiece weaves together diverse visions, poignantly revealing how race, racism, and resistance shape our shared breath, not just in moments of crisis, but in the enduring, pervasive legacy of that risk.

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